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Cooking Class


In this Community Chef Series, participants will learn about growing and preparing food throughout the growing season. We'll discuss strategies to keep cooking simple and adaptable based on what you have on hand, and what's in season throughout the year. Each session will include a brief food preparation demonstration.


Workshops are free to attend, and ingredients will be available for pick-up at GROW the Saturday before the workshop. Workshops are virtual, and will be held over Zoom. A link to join the workshop will be sent in advance. 


Sign-ups must be made in advance. Workshops are open to anyone in the community, even if you're not a GROW Market Member.

Workshop Dates and Details:

Workshop 1: Monday, June 19th at 5pm

Introduction to Strategic Cooking, Greens and Grains

Workshop 2: Monday, July 17th at 5pm

Peas and Pastes

Workshop 3: Monday, July 31st at 5pm

 Zucchini (and leaves), and Garlic 

Workshop 4: Monday, August 14th at 5pm

Tomatoes and Peppers 

Workshop 5: Monday, August 28th at 5pm

Corns and Beans

Workshop 6: Monday, September 11th at 5pm


Community Chef Profile - Allan A. Medad: 

"I have been an entrepreneur, thinker, and cook throughout my adult life.  After many years of convivial joint-effort with my now deceased wife and partner in gluttony and everything else, I found myself, for the first time, alone to brave the annual cycle of growing, harvesting, preparing, cooking and preserving what my own and other nearby gardens yield inner brief growing seasons. I realised that some of the time-saving and ingredient preparation constructs I had spontaneously devised over the years would be ever more consequential for me. They might also be so for you."

Strategic Cooking Sign-ups

Registrations must be made in advance, and can be made using the form below, or by email or phone.

Questions? Please contact Lindsay at, or at  905-329-3922.

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